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Lady K Productions

Lady K Productions was created by Kamali Culpepper in 2019. The idea for the company name was inspired by her granddad's nickname for her.  Kamali was born and raised in Florida and is an independent filmmaker who enjoys directing and writing. She earned a BFA in Film and Media Arts at the University of Tampa in May 2019. This website was created to share some of her projects. She is looking forward to writing and directing more projects in the future!

Currently, she is working on a short film, "Cleaning House" which she hopes to get produced as a tv show. Cleaning House follows three maids who must find a way to pay back their crime boss. The maids are three young adults who have had a life of crime. They've been to juvie and now work for a drug dealer. The ladies are tired of their life of crime and want to get out. The show will expand on the short film as well explore their past. It will be similar to the shows Good Girls, Claws, Queen of the South, and Orange is the new Black. If this sounds interesting to you please support the film on YouTube. You can also join my mailing list down below. Thank you!

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Kamali Culpepper

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